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Benefits of Mobile Physical Therapy: Meeting The Patient Where They Need It Most

In this post, I wanted to address one of the questions I often get asked: “What is mobile physical therapy?” When most people think of physical therapy, they think about a physical clinic with one or more physical therapists, multiple patients there at a time, a bunch of machines and gym equipment. This is more of your “traditional” physical therapy outpatient practice. With all of that being said, let’s dive into what makes a practice “mobile” and talk about the “type” of physical therapy GO! Mobile provides.

Outpatient Physical Therapy In Your Home

To start, GO! Mobile Physical Therapy & Wellness is an outpatient mobile physical therapy practice. We provide physical therapy services like you would receive if you were to go to an outpatient clinic. Instead of you having to drive somewhere to receive services, we come to you! Our therapists bring their own tables and equipment and we provide physical therapy services in the setting that you need it most, whether it be your house, at the gym, the park, your workplace, an athletic field, and we’ve even been to campgrounds for those who travel!

During our treatment, we provide one-on-one physical therapy, always with the same physical therapist, in the comfort of your own home or wherever your needs are best met. We’ve have even had patients wear their pajamas to do their physical therapy, the goal is convenience for you.

By coming to you in your own environment, we often get faster results, getting you better quicker, and can assess your home environment to provide safety recommendations or modifications to better suit your needs.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Physical Therapy?

Who can benefit from mobile physical therapy? Well, really, anyone. We do see a lot of elderly clients, those that may not be able to drive to a clinic or may have memory impairments, but you do not have to be elderly to benefit from mobile PT.

We also see a lot of busy parents, moms and dads who have to work and then chase their kids around for all of their activities. We come to you to make it more convenient and easy between all of those other appointments and obligations that you may have.

People who might have just had surgery, it is more difficulty for them to get out and make it into a traditional physical therapy clinic. Maybe they aren’t mobile enough, or maybe that don’t have a driver to take them. We can make your post-operative care a lot more easy and convenient by coming right to you instead.

Our “Mobile” Locations

We get it, we’re mobile, so where are we located? We get this question all of the time. Because we come to you, we provide services throughout the Genesee County area in Michigan and surrounding areas. We travel to small towns including Holly, Heartland, Howell, Durand, and other locations. We also have a new therapist in Shiawassee County who can provide services in that area as well. If you’re not sure if we come to your area, give us a call!

GO! Mobile also provides free consultations. These free 20-minute consultations are in the format of phone call, video chat, or telehealth. Or we can also come to to your home. These consultations are to see if we are a good fit for one another and if physical therapy may benefit your situation. We also offer wellness services if you just need a general exercise program or have any questions regarding modifying your home to reduce fall risk and improve safety.

With all of that being said, if you feel that any of the services we talked about may benefit you, book free 20-minute consultation call so we can chat.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a phone call, no worries! Check out our website to learn more about services we provide, diagnoses we treat, and how we may be able to help you!


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